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5 µm Precision  Probe Station

Are your contact are very small or sensitive? You can get the electrical contact by using probes with 5 µm resolution. Thanks to the stringed probe tips, your samples remain undamaged. 

For Device and Material Analysis

Our probe station offers 5 µm reading and 1 µm displacement resolutions. This Station has capability of ohmic contact on various solid materials, micro/nano devices and integrated circuits by using string pins.

The system comes with 4 resistors with 50 mOhms. For each probe fine and spherical spring pogo pins are provided and can be replaced.

The measurement area is 25 mm x 25 mm and can be extended. As an option a vacuum chuck and hot plate can aslo be provided. Hot plate works from room temperature up to 80 C. 

New Generation Measurement Equipment


This systems provides you a working area of 25 mm x 25 mm and 5 µm reading resolution. Each probe can move 25 mm in X, Y and Z directions

Switching Test Probes

Probes can be optionally programmed via the test card. Therefor, you can functionallize your probes without replacing your multimeter and power source which in return ease your measurement on the electrical parameters. 


The probe station can be customized for your need. Hence, you can place your sample and do your electrical measurements in a safer and faster way. 


The microscopes on the systems can be replaced upon request. Cheaper options such as 50x zoom can be integrated. 

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Non-destructive contact via spring pogo pins

About Spring Pogo Pins
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