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For Temperature Dependent Electrical, Optical and Magnetic Analysis

The special desing, CryoEge liquid nitrogen cryostat is capable for electrical, magnetic and optical analysis of high temperature superconductors. This system can work from -196 C (77 K) up to 80 C (352 K).

CryoEge composes of 2 main parts. 2 of the ports on the upper part is used for electrical feeding and vacuum while the other 2 port can be used for any purpose. On the lower ports, 4 optical windows are 22 mm and can be manufactured upen a request as sapphire, quartz or normal glass.

As the optical windows placed in perpendicular angle towards the samples, in this particular experiments. Furthermore, can you analyze the optical transmittance of your transparent samples over temperature. In case of request optical windows (from 22 mm to 120 mm) can be mounted to bottom of the CryoEge

New Generation Measurement Equipments


  • Supercondctors, semiconductors and inorgranic metarials and devices

  • From 77 K to 353 K

  • 15 pin feedthrough

Data Acquisition

  • Monitor your data instantly

  • Customize your graphic upon your needs

  • Select your file extensions (Notepad, MS Excel, Ogirin Pro...)

  • Decide the order of data saving


  • Specialised sample holders

  • Easily place and remove your samples

  • Stringed pogo pins


  • Accurate and porfessional manufacturing

  • Specialized technicians

  • One to one exchangeable parts

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We desing special sample holders for you research. Thus, you can realize your experiments easily and efficiently. 

With the innovative measurement equipments, do not leave your results to chance. Take everything under your control.

Cryogenic Sample Holder

Elektriksel, optik ve manyetik testlerinizi gerçekleştirebileceğiniz sıvı azot kriyostatı.

0.75 L azot devarı ile tam soğumadan sonra 60 dakikaya kadar ölçüm alabilirsiniz.

Sahip olduğu 8 portun tamamını ihtiyaçlarınıza göre değiştirebilirsiniz.

12 elektriksel içeribesleme (feedthrough) yetmezse 12 tane daha ekleyebilir veya vakum boşaltma vanası ekleyebilirsiniz.


We customize the program interface. Hence, you can follow you measured data instantly and you can manipulate the measurement environments if necessary.

As much as data points can be collected. For instance, the measurement temperature can be increased from -196 C to +45 C in 20 minutes and kept at 45 C for 10 minutes and then decreased to 25 C. Thus, physical, chemical or optical properties of your samples can be characterised over temperature.

The one and the only thing we ask you is filling liquid nitrogen and identifying the process steps. The rest will be undertaken CryoEge. 

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